How to cancel Automatic Likes Subscription using Paypal.

One of the biggest questions asked by people who subscribe to Automatic Likes or Auto Followers is how do you cancel the subscription?

Subscription services through Paypal can all be handled the same way and it’s very easy to stop.

The following 5 step process will quickly help you suspend the Membership Service.

  1. Log into Paypal with the Account you used on the website at the time you Signed Up to the Merchant.
  2. Click on your Profile button in the Top Right and choose Profile and Settings:
  3. Choose My Money in the left hand Menu and Click on the “Update” link next to your Preapproved Payments.
  4. You should see a list of Subscription you have in Paypal, click on the Payment you want to Cancel.
  5. Once you’ve selected the Merchant you want to modify, you will see a Cancel Link at the Top Left of the page.

Within 5 steps you can easily stop any subscription you have with Paypal. Recurring payments can be a real pain in your butt if you don’t manage them. It’s easily to lose track of how much money you are paying out every month to Merchant services.

A few things you should keep in mind before you stop your membership!

Your Subscription is still active until the Expiry date, this means your service will continue until it expires. If you need the service to stop completely it’s best to contact the provider so they can manually fix it for you.

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Instagram Page Traffic, Statistics and Analytics for Free

We’re happy to announce some great new features to SocialProof. Today we launched the beginning stages of our Free Stats and Analytics service. Our Free Instagram Stats page is live and ready to be used. It updates in real time so you never miss anything.

We’ve managed to dissect and spit out some really cool information you can actually use about your Instagram Page, or maybe you’re curious about your favorite Celebrities page?

The good news is we don’t even need your login info. By simply providing the Username of the page you want to check, we can return a series of analytics for you to pour over.

We can give you a wealth of information like:

  1. When was the last time this user posted a new video or photo?
  2. What is their Post frequency?
  3. How many Likes do they average per post?
  4. Find out what Hashtags they prefer. (Hint: A good growth hack to help you know how they are growing their page)
  5. The average comments per post (Helps you see their engagement)

Upcoming Analysis and Traffic Statistics:

We will be implementing new features like the following types of stats you can use.

  1. Number of followers an account has.
  2. Who has followed you today, yesterday, this week.
  3. Who has unfollowed you
  4. Which followers don’t interact with your posts, i.e. Ghost Followers
  5. We’ll provide a live graph showing you in real time how many likes a site is getting.
  6. Is the site growing or dying based on number of followers.
  7. What are the best days to post in order to get more likes or views.
  8. What the the most popular days to post?

By looking at your competition or similar niche pages you can figure out how they are growing. Once you have visibility you can make better decisions with your own Account.

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The Social Media sites Every Business should be using

Best Social Media Sites for Small Businesses


Are you feeling confused or behind on the current social media trends? Owning a small business can make you feel like you don’t need to be totally up on current social media standards like the major companies out there. However, that is totally false! Every sized business needs to capitalize every aspect of social media. Although social media may seem currently overwhelming to you, this blog post will help simplify and break down the different social media sites that your small business needs!

First, before you read any further, we need to establish something very important. Establishing your website must be of greater importance before you move on establishing your social media sites. Your website is the “portal” where you connect to and from any other external points.

With that being said, your social media sites are the important component to help guide your customers to your website! See what we did there? Social media sites are the vehicle that drives your traffic to your website, which is your key component to your business. This is why becoming “social” is so important to your marketing plan. Social media is the main source where your potential and new customers will be coming from.

So, where do you start now that you know how important having social media is to your small business? The guide below on the best social media sites for your small business is listed in order of highest importance.


Currently the largest social media platform, Facebook is hosting over one billion users. If you don’t already have a Facebook, you’re missing out on your main source of new customers. We are talking billions of people here! Lucky for you, setting up a Facebook is a fairly easy process. Once you create your page for your business, users will then “like” your page, which then posts it on their “wall”. In this case, your page will start being shared and seen quickly every time someone likes your posts or page. Facebook is putting your brand in front of an audience you didn’t have before.


The next top leading social media app in the world is Twitter. This “mini-blogging” social media app is just a large network of information. Posts can only have 140 max characters, allowing people to post short and to-the-point tweets (messages) to the world. Twitter is different from Facebook because users “follow” you rather than “like” you. Once they follow you, your tweets (posts) show up on their “feed”. You can also follow other users, which is usually the best way to gain followers for yourself, as well as using strong hashtags (#food, #fashion, etc.).

Twitter is an amazing tool to connect with people and other businesses participating in the same events and gatherings. Through Twitter, you can follow hashtags, like if you were attending a concert or live event of any sort. As a business, you can use this to your advantage and use your own hashtag! Twitter is one of the easiest social media apps to understand, there’s not much more to it than following, tweeting, and liking.


If your small business can incorporate videos in any way, YouTube is the social media app for you. YouTube is a video-sharing social media site owned by Google. Hosting one billion new active users each month, with new video uploads of 48 hours every minute! As a small business owner, video strategies, and keywords for your videos is another important component of your online strategy.


One of the newest and largest hits in the business world is Instagram. It is slowly becoming one of the most widely used business tools today. If you are not caught up with Instagram, you are lacking serious potential with gaining new customers and targeting specific audiences. Instagram is mainly a photo app, where you post photos and add captions to each photo. Your photos will show up on your followers feed, and create a picture collage on your Instagram company “page”.

That is why Instagram is huge for small businesses, you get to showcase your products and the lifestyle your business promotes through photos. Instagram allows you to create a certain image for your business to attract new customers. The best way to grow on Instagram is by following a targeted audience, using hashtags related to your product or service, and staying active to your audience by liking and commenting on their posts. The more engaged you are with other pages in your industry, the more likely you can grow your following automatically.

Google Plus

Google+ is obviously owned by Google, and is a similar social media app to Tumblr or Pinterest, but is it more corporate and professional. It includes Google+ messenger, hangouts, circles, and instant uploads. Its search engine rankings are what your small business can benefit from Google+.


LinkedIn is the official social networking site connecting 135 million people from 200 countries. Wow! Basically, LinkedIn is an online resume for an individual or business, and connects you to mutual friends or businesses, and allows others to “connect” or view your resume. It also has job listings, interest groups, and helps jobs and people find you! Dedicating about an hour or two a week on LinkedIn by connecting with other people, and updating your profile is important for your businesses resume.


If your type of service or product is visually appealing (probably a yes), then Pinterest is the social media app for you. Pinterest is a massive vision board filled with stylish, trending, and inspiring photo sharing. The mission of Pinterest is to connect the world through a shared taste and interests. Users can follow or create themed “boards” and “pin” their favorite photos. Pinterest also allows you to link your website to your beautiful photos so users can buy your products!


As the king of all reviews, Yelp is not structured like the normal social media networking site, however, it has over 140 million users. Customers trust Yelp with reviews and ratings of all sorts of companies and businesses. You can acquire a lot of new business through your customer’s reviews and comments!

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Most Liked Digital Artists on Instagram

Instagram is among the most popular and well known social networks. It is a platform for sharing photos especially for artists who are using it to market their works and also enable followers get to choose the best artists to follow as per their art. Instagram is becoming more of art dealer as allows artists to show their artwork. Below is a list of the top ten artists as per number of followers in Instagram.

1.) JR. – JR is a photographer. For the previous two months, he has been selected twice as the best wall artist in the week. His popularity originates from his behavior of posting any work he has whenever in progress. This has made him productive constantly hence the top position in top ten list of artists in Instagram. JR is just more than a perfect photographer who gives you the opportunity to enjoy many interesting life moments captured by the artistic keen eye he has. He currently has 992 thousand followers.

2.) KAWS – Popularly known as the artist with no borders. KAWS produces fine art through interactions with customer products and the collaborations with products with global brands. This makes it to occupy the complex known global market. KAWS posts in Instagram show his believe in that there is no difference between producing art and showcasing it in a wider culture. Current followers are 704 thousand followers.

3.) Daniel Arsham. – Daniel is an American artist who is coming up faster into the world of art. His designs are sculptural, architectural cutting-edge and incredible. He is just like a crafty magician whose work put on drawing, sculpture and performance is excellent. Daniel is being followed by 259 thousand followers.

4.) David Choe. – David is a Korean whose life is as colorful and interesting as his own artwork. David’s post in Instagram’s majors on videos of himself working on murals as preferred to pictures of such work. His works are delicate and kaleidoscopic. His pictures posts on Instagram are of his family and friends. Choe has 184 thousand followers currently.

5.) Pixel Pancho. – Pixel is a street artist from Italy. He is specialized in designing large murals for walls in addition to robotic imagery which are distinctive. In his design, Pixel uses various mediums which include wall painting, tiles, poster or sticker art. Instagram page provides a collection of the robotic creatures created by Pancho. He has 116 thousand followers.

6.) Monsieur A. – Monsieur is a graffiti artist, a creative director of L’Officiel Hommes and an international entrepreneur of nightlife. This is a fashionable man from France who is devoted to give best to his hotspot club especially for his followers. His current followers are 88 thousand.

7.) Cyrcle – Cyrcle is an artist group made of two men who work with the motto, never die and are known for their expertise in street art. This artist is stylish, different and dynamic. Their art work blurs urban world lines through design, street campaigns, collaborations, fine art and murals. The art work of cyrcle rotates in the questions of duality, human condition and life through many metaphors. His artwork has attracted 41.1 thousand followers and averages 200+ Likes per post.

8.) DALeast. – DALeast is defined as master of illusion. He is among the well-known prolific artists. He achieves his illusions by combining with skills layering and lines which leaves followers breathless. His images appear like they are walking out of canvas or walls as he uses dark bases concurrently with fragments highlighted with brighter lines. He currently has 40.1 thousand followers.

9.) Evoca 1. – Evoca 1 is not only an artist but also a designer and a figurative painter. He is such a daring man who is so humanitarian hence merges humanity and art together. His nickname has made his art grow as it means to evoke hence he works towards expressing his activism in improving public awareness on the difficulties that come along with impoverished. Individuals like his art work as it is a real definition of the believe that social commitment and artwork work hand in hand. Evoca 1 is been followed by 23.8 thousand followers.

10.) Sickboy. – Sickboy has emerged from infamous Bristol’s scene. He had been a street art painter since 1995. He paints also on canvas and exhibits well in galleries of art. He is the first known British artist to use for a tag, pictorial logo. Sickboy is currently followed by 9,339 followers.

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The most liked Video pages on Instagram

intagram-liked-photographJust as surely as day follows dark, you had to foresee videos being posted to Instagram. Remember that Instagram was created for still photography, but since photography itself has taken so many directions over the past few years, it only follows that videos have given new life to the social media. And with the number of so many creative videographers out there, it only seems natural that Instagram would bloom with video pages. In an effort to cut down on the work you do to find the very best, this post will show you the most liked video pages on Instagram.

Top Instagram Vid Users to Follow:

  1. fun_bestvids – 6.7M followers, Here’s another one that’s likely to keep you in stitches with the hilariously funny videos from all over. There is very little staged here. Instead, everything that is posted here is just people being people, and being atrociously funny doing it.
  2. houseofhighlightshouseofhighlights – 5.2M followers and averages half a million views per post, If you like sports and you would love the opportunity to show your friends that impossible shot that was made last night in the game, houseofhighlights will be just the resource you needs. This entire page has nothing but the best of game highlights going back an indefinite period of time. For some reason, it’s got an overabundance of basketball clips, but regardless, they are wonderful to watch. If you like basketball, you will find yourself blocking out lots of time for this one.
  3. bestvinesnow – 4.8 Million Followers, This is a great collection of the funniest Vine videos. The page is dedicated to Vine clips that have been posted to Instagram. You’ll find a wide assortment of Funny, Hilarious and some painful vids. Some of the posts can exceed over 500,000 Likes, this shows you how popular the page is.
  4. videos_cake – 551K followers, Do you need a sugar fix? Got a sweet tooth? Videos_cake is full of cool videos that show nothing but cakes and how they are made with each post automatically getting viewed by thousands. This goes for not only the cake, but the techniques used to decorate them as well. Prepare to be transfixed by what you find here.
  5. cutecouples.videos – 369K followers, If there’s anything cuter than a video of puppies, it’s a video of puppy love, and this video page has plenty of them. This one is literally loaded with all sorts of videos of people in love expressing their love in the most darling of ways.

It’s probably not news, but there is so much on Instagram in the way of videos that it is almost impossible to find everything. Fortunately through the use of Hashtag Search and various blog posts you can find the Top Videos on Instagram with a little effort.

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10 Social Media Marketing Trends of 2017

marketing trends

The debate surrounding the influence of social media and its marketing trends is over.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more are here to stay.

They’re also more powerful than ever.

Social media channels will reach approximately 2.51 billion users in 2017, or one-third the world’s population.

Whether they’re children in Atlanta or seniors citizens in Norway, one out of every three is logging in to update their status right at this very moment.

That. Is. Huge.

What’s more is that social media, particularly “social signals,” such as “likes” and “retweets,” are now affecting search engine optimization results. The more you have, the higher you will appear in Google search results, and we all know what that means—more money.

The potential social media marketing trends have to shape your brand is boundless, but only if you use them the right way.

But it takes almost as much work to stay ahead of these marketing trends as it does to leverage them for your benefit. That’s why we’ve done the work for you, assembling a list of the top 10 social media marketing trends that will define 2017.

Keep reading to learn how you can be current — and trending — now.

Marketing automation

Remember those social media platforms mentioned above?

Don’t forget, we also have LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

We could keep going, but you get the idea.

Managing your messaging across all these channels is a daunting and time-consuming task. That’s where marketing automation comes in.

Marketing automation refers to software and web-based services that can help you schedule and streamline your social efforts.

As an added advantage, you can easily categorize customers based on their social media profiles, behaviors, and interests. This means you can deploy messages tailored to specific audiences at the times that they’re most active.

That means more clicks, more likes, more shares. Can you say #winning?

Still not convinced marketing automation is the way to go? Consider this: 92 percent of companies are losing revenue because they’ve chosen to forgo automation.

Live Video Marketing Trends

Social media marketing trends in a nutshell: If you’re not live, you’re dead. Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope—they are the future.

How big are they? Facebook users comment 10 times more on live videos than on regular ones. As of mid-2016, Periscope had more than 1.9 million active users.

People love live video. They will watch it and they will interact with it.

Adopt live video for your brand by posting live “how-to” videos, exclusive interviews with executives, or sneak peeks of new products.


Being big on social media in 2017 may very well mean thinking small.

Micro-influencers are social media users with a few thousand followers. We’re not talking POTUS here, but maybe presidents of colleges, presidents of fan clubs, or union presidents.

Marketers are increasingly identifying and recruiting micro-influencers among their target audiences.


Because micro-influencers wouldn’t be influential if their followers didn’t trust them. Get a micro-influencer to back your product or service, and you’ve got an instant “in” with their audience.

Toms of Maine used such an approach a couple years back. For every 1,000 micro-influencers the company activated, it received 6,496 “likes” in return.

That’s a lot of likes. And they could be yours, too.

Employee advocacy

This one is related to micro-influencers, but a bit easier to adapt.

For all you start-ups out there, it’s way less expensive too.

It’s called employee advocacy and it means having your employees share your brand’s messaging with their friends and family members via social media.

You’ll be the beneficiary of the trust that comes with having Uncle Bob vouch for your product.

As an added bonus, employee advocacy can also create excitement and buy-in in the office.

Co-created and user-generated content

Want more engaged social followers?

Put them to work.

User-generated content is an inexpensive way to create brand buzz. It can be as simple as asking followers to post pictures with your new hashtag.

Done correctly, your bang on user-generated content is almost certain to be greater than your buck.

Need inspiration? Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, which represents user-generated content at its finest, boosted sales for the brand for the first time in a decade.

Give users an experience

Remember the PokemonGo craze of 2016? When the app topped 100 million installs in a single weekend? That was crazy, right?

It also showed that social media users are clamoring for an experience. They don’t want to just read, view and respond. They want to do.

Giving them what they want doesn’t have to mean creating a viral game.

Think about other immersive experiences that could be of use to your audience. For example, webinars are great because they engage your audience and allow you to position yourself as an expert on a topic.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

This one probably won’t catch anyone by surprise, but mobile is where it’s at. That’s not changing.

About one in five minutes spent online is spent on social media, and about 80 percent of all social media time is passed on a mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet.

We want our memes and selfies when—and most importantly—where we want them.

Messaging apps

Sure we could text, but why would we when we can take a selfie and add a flowered headband or dog’s snout?

Snapchat and What’s App are gaining traction, with 300 million and 900 million users respectively as of January.

How do you make this relevant to your brand?

Why not customer service applications?

Remember, we live in a real-time world, and customers increasingly expect 24-7 access. Messaging apps could be the way to deliver that.


Need help responding to customers in real-time?

A chatbot could be the way, as plenty of brands have already discovered.

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with real people. They’re an effective way to triage customer-service issues, or in many cases, outright resolve them!

Data visualization

This is exactly what it sounds like—gathering all your social media analytics and presenting them in a way that makes them easy to understand.

For decision makers, it helps them identify what’s working and what’s not.

Use it. It could change everything. And likely will.

Adapting these trends for your brand, and using them in conjunction with a killer website, standout blog, and social proofing, are sure to garner you more thumbs-up and retweets.

And in this day and age, that could mean money in your pocket.

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Top 5 Liked World Travelers of Instagram

There are lots of excellent Instagram travelers and travel photographers. Instagram lends itself very well to travel photography. People are excited about the opportunity to see different photographs from all over the world on their phones. A highly visual social media website like Instagram is perfect for the people who are good at capturing the diversity of different areas photographically. Some of these world travelers will post all the time. Others will only post occasionally, but it’s an event whenever they do post. The people who post the most frequently will get more followers and automatic Instagram likes on each post. Of course, some of the top world travelers of Instagram should be ranked accordingly because of their spectacular content, and not just the number of followers they have.

  1. chrisburkard-1Chris Burkard with 2.4m followers: On the basis of Instagram followers alone, Chris Burkard is a top world traveler. He is certainly one of the most popular of the world travelers on Instagram. His fame is well-deserved. Most of the pictures that he presents really give people a sense of the area and the landscapes. People will feel as if they’re there, since the pictures seem to capture the experience of a person who is truly dwarfed by an expansive landscape like this. Many of his locations take place in areas that are extremely remote. He shows the parts of the world that people don’t see as frequently rather than featuring a lot of photos of famous locations.
  2. funforlouis-2Fun For Louis with 1.5m followers: Fun For Louis has a shocking number of Instagram followers, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. He’s a travel photographer who posts constantly, and that seems to be part of the trick to getting a lot of followers in general. His pictures tend to contain shots of him and his friends, but they are still travel shots that will help give people a sense of the areas. Lots of the other travel photographers on Instagram have a tendency to create carefully composed shots. Fun For Louis often seems to create shots that are more spontaneous. They seem more natural as a result, and people might find his shots more familiar than those of some other Instagram followers. Fun For Louis updates often enough that it will feel like he has been everywhere in the world.
  3. danielkordan-3Daniel Kordan with 673k followers: People who really can’t get enough of the cold and icy landscapes will adore Daniel Kordan. Given the number of followers he has, it is clear that a lot of people feel this way. Many of his pictures take place in New Zealand, Norway, Japan, Russia, and Italy, so he is able to mix in the Mediterranean and warmer landscapes with the colder ones. With his posts averaging 10-20,000 likes, his gorgeous landscape photography certainly presents everything in a positive light.
  4. kirstenalana-4Kirsten Alana with 222k followers: Kirsten Alana posts more information on her various traveling destinations compared with many of her fellow Instagram travelers. Her updates often contain elaborate stories or historical information. People will feel that they’re learning more about her various destinations than they would if other Instagram bloggers were writing about them. She’s been to France, Wales, Ireland, Canada, India, all over the United States, and through many other destinations all around the world. Many of her pictures tend to focus on the landscapes in a particular area as well as the architecture and the various outdoor celebrations. She does pose in some of the photographs, but the focus is always on the destination and the locale.
  5. expertvagabond-5Expert Vagabond with 115k followers: Expert Vagabond has spent six years as a professional travel photographer. His Instagram account can truly take a person all over the world. It’s possible to see him photographed next to camels in the wild as well as pitching tents in the desert and riding around in classic cars through the cities of the world. Expert Vagabond has been all over the United States, through the deserts of Afghanistan, and in Iceland to see the Northern lights. It’s possible to find images in tropical climates as well as icy climates on his incredibly diverse page as well. His photos include shots of local individuals, broad landscape photographs, and pictures highlighting points of interest.

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