Youtube Marketing: Statistics and Lessons to Use YouTube for Marketing

YouTube, the biggest video platform on the planet, has over 1 billion user traffic and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute of every day. That’s 5 hours of video content every second.

YouTube is huge, and every digital marketer should be on it. YouTube video marketing accounts for a huge chunk of the success of major brands and personalities. In this article, we will show you some of 2017 YouTube marketing statistics as proof of how important YouTube is. We will also provide examples of successful companies that use YouTube for marketing and what you can learn from them.

YouTube Marketing Tips and Tricks

YouTube Marketing Statistics

*180.1 million people in the US alone use YouTube.
*YouTube users watch an average amount of content. The users veiws amounting to 46,000 years worth of content.
*YouTube surpasses all cable networks in the US reaching 18-49 year-old adults.
*Users spend 40 minutes on average in every session.

These YouTube video marketing statistics just seal the deal. If you own a business and you want to expand your consumer reach, you need to start marketing on YouTube.

Companies that use YouTube for marketing enjoy a low-cost venue for reaching out to subscribers and providing enjoyable and relevant video content that will keep their audience engaged. Their cases serve as a learning experience for us and show us what works for YouTube marketing.

Companies That Use YouTube for Marketing Successfully

The Best YouTube Marketing Strategy1. Moz

Moz is a company dedicated to teaching digital marketing techniques. The way they use YouTube video marketing tells us they know what they’re doing. Moz regularly uploads informative videos on any topic related to digital marketing. Their “Moz Whiteboard Fridays” offers insightful tips and educates their community about digital marketing. Their communities are well engaged and highly responsive to their videos.

YouTube marketing lesson: Use YouTube marketing to educate your audience about topics related to your niche. This will establish you as a thought leader in your industry and also keep you relevant to your audience.

2. Blendtec

Blendtec, a manufacturer of high-quality blenders, posted their first ever YouTube video in 2006. Since then, they have gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Their channel, “Will It Blend” showcases almost a hundred videos where the founder, Tom Dickson, blends everyday things like books and even iPhones.

YouTube marketing lesson: Do something out of the ordinary to showcase the features of your products or services. Think out of the box and come up with original content that your target users will love.

3. Ramit Sethi

Although Ramit Sethi is not a company, he is a blogger and author specializing in the personal finance and the entrepreneurship niche. What makes his YouTube video marketing incredible is how he organizes content into various categories to avoid overwhelming his subscribers. In the homepage of his channel, you will see categories of his topics neatly arranged like “Salary Negotiation” and “Ask Ramit.”

Lesson: If you’re planning to upload videos on different topics, organize them neatly to make it easier for your viewers to find what they need.

4. Home Depot

Home Depot, one of the biggest home improvement companies in the U.S., has an active YouTube channel wherein they regularly upload videos showing viewers how to do various home repairs. What sets this brand apart from other home improvement channels also doing YouTube video marketing is they offer expert tips and advice to viewers without being overly promotional about their own products. They give the sense that they care about improving the lives of their audience more than they care about driving sales. Whether this is true or not, it certainly is working in their favor.

Lesson: Give your audience expert tips and advice without going over-the-top with promoting your brand and services. This will make you look more genuine in wanting to help them out.Amazing YouTube Marketing Hacks

5. Six Pack Shortcuts & Abs After 40

This YouTube channel stands out among the endless list of channels on fitness and workout routines because of two things. The first is it has a very specific niche (six pack shortcuts). The second is it targets a well-defined audience (those who are 40 and above). Their unique approach to YouTube marketing landed them the second spot on Google’s Top 10 YouTube brands in 2014.

Lesson: YouTube video marketing takes careful planning of who your target audience is. So target a well-defined audience and hone in on a particular niche to make your videos more relatable to your target audience. The specific niche will also give focus to your videos and avoid the tendency of content creators to create content without a unified theme.

These companies that use YouTube marketing are made into such a huge success by enjoying regular daily and monthly views on their videos. These cases show that if done right, YouTube marketing can be responsible for much of your audience engagement. This is especially true for content that is best viewed in videos such as workout routines, home improvement hacks, cooking, and others.

Here Are Even More YouTube Video Marketing Tips

1. Understand Your Audience’s Buying Stage

Understand that most of the people who will find your videos on YouTube are often in the information-seeking stage and not ready yet to commit to purchasing. So you need to use keywords and terms that will resonate with and audience at this stage. For example, if you have a cooking channel, you can use terms like “how to cook spaghetti” instead of “buy our cookbook for cooking spaghetti”. To have a more concrete basis of what to use for keywords for YouTube Marketing, you can use AdWords tools to research keywords and terms for your video descriptions.

Secrets to Marketing Your Business on Youtube2. Don’t Give out Everything You’ve Got in Your Videos

YouTube video marketing is all about making your viewers want more. Make videos that will give readers valuable tips but will leave them hanging for more. Then you can gently prod them to buy your digital or physical products to get “more”.

3. Have a Regular Posting Schedule

All successful companies that use YouTube for marketing have a regular posting schedule. Don’t post sporadically or your viewers may forget about you or feel that you don’t care enough about the channel to have a functional posting schedule in place.

Companies that use YouTube for marketing and having a grand success in it show us that YouTube video marketing takes four things. These are planning, careful research, a little creativity, and consistency. YouTube can reap your company benefits if you’re willing to invest time and effort in it. YouTube video marketing can be the break your business needs. So keep learning YouTube marketing statistics and tips to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices.

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Here’s Why and How to Start SoundCloud Marketing

SoundCloud is often considered the top social sound promotion platform for independent artists. It disrupted the music industry by transferring the power to create and promote astounding music from big recording studios to small, independent and crazily talented independent music artists.

If you’re a music artist who wants to let your song be heard across the globe, SoundCloud is the right place to start a great SoundCloud marketing campaign as your guide.

Amazing Tips to the Best SoundCloud Marketing Techniques

Just to set the stage, here are some SoundCloud statistics to show you why you should be starting on your SoundCloud marketing campaign:

*SoundCloud has more than 175 million monthly listeners.
*There are about 10 million music creators on SoundCloud.
*Every minute, roughly 12 hours of music is being uploaded on the site.

SoundCloud is big, and it’s where music creators and consumers are.

However, making it on SoundCloud takes more than just uploading your music along with their artwork and quietly wait for listeners to flock. Success on SoundCloud involves equal parts of creating amazing content and having an effective SoundCloud marketing campaign.

How to Plan and Execute a SoundCloud Marketing Campaign

1. Define Your Goals

Your goals will give you a sense of direction for the entire SoundCloud marketing campaign. SoundCloud Marketing Tips to Increase Your FollowersIt will help you avoid the same mistakes of music creators who randomly promoted their music on their Facebook profiles and other social media platforms with little thought on what they’re really trying to achieve.

Your goals for SoundCloud marketing should be specific. Establish short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Short-term goals can be achieved within a month, medium-term can be in half a year, and long-term goals can be after a year. It depends on how you want to pace your SoundCloud marketing campaign.

2. Understand Your Audience

The success of your SoundCloud promotion depends on your fans – if they will like your work or not. Although, before they can like your work, they need to find you first. You also need to make it easy for them to find. This is why understanding your audience is crucial in SoundCloud promotion.

You need to understand your target audience’s behaviors to be able to market your music to them effectively. Your audience largely depends on your genre. If you create hard rock music, you can make a few assumptions of your fan base. Assumptions such as how often they frequent rock concerts, hard rock music stores, often watch rock YouTube videos, hang out in Facebook rock music groups, and more.

Understanding who your target audience is for your SoundCloud marketing is critical in knowing where to look for them and how to reach out to them. Where does your audience hang out online and offline? How do they consume music? What music channels do they regularly visit? These are just some of the things you need to know about your audience for a successful SoundCloud marketing campaign.

3. Write Three Focus Areas for Your SoundCloud Marketing Campaign

When you have a thorough understanding of your audience, you can make an informed decision of how best to go about your SoundCloud promotion. You need to select three areas where you will focus much of your marketing efforts. For example, some music creators concentrate on promoting their SoundCloud profiles on all of their social media channels. Some choose to focus on other music websites where their audience might be hanging out.

What three areas would you like to focus your SoundCloud promotion on? Write them down and frequently refer to them to keep yourself grounded on your plan.

The Best SoundCloud Marketing Tips for Your Music

SoundCloud Promotion Tips to Increase SoundCloud Plays

To make it big on this social sound platform, you need to make active promotion to increase SoundCloud plays. Here are five practical SoundCloud promotion tips for your SoundCloud marketing campaign:

1. Tag Your Music

Tagging your music makes it easier for search engines to identify your genre. For best results, search for tracks that are just based off genres or even specific sub-genres. Use those specific genres to tag your track to make it easier for people to find them.

2. Try a Remix or Rendition at Least Once

A clever SoundCloud promotion trick is to do a remix or rendition of popular songs in your genre. A remix or rendition gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a music personality’s fan base. Fans of the original artist are always scouring for great remixes or renditions of their favorite songs. So when you post a remix or rendition, it’s important always to mention the original artist’s name. This is not only the ethical thing to do, but it will also increase the chances of users clicking on your music.

3. Use Eye-Catching Artwork

SoundCloud is all about visuals. If your artwork is drab, users will tend to assume that your music is uninteresting as well. We won’t suggest that you fork out a fortune for this, but if you can ask a friend to make you a great artwork to represent your music for a lower price, that would be beneficial.

4. Use SoundCloud Promotion Services

How to Market Your Music on SoundCloudSoundCloud promotion services are abound, but you have to choose the right company. Don’t fall into the trap of buying fake fans for an incredibly low price. Those fake fans are often nothing but bots. It’s always better to hire a company that offers SoundCloud promotion services using legitimate means. This will ensure that your fan engagement will remain through the years.

5. Use SoundCloud Promotion Channels

SoundCloud promotion channels are huge channels, often with millions of users, where you can promote your music. Some promo channels may post your music for free, but some will charge a fee. The cost will differ according to the size and reach of the SoundCloud promotion channel. If there is a charge, you will have to buy a repost of your track on the promo channel where it can be exposed to thousands of users around the world.

SoundCloud promotion is vital to your success as a music creator on SoundCloud. The success of your promotion will largely depend on the effectiveness and consistency of your SoundCloud marketing campaign. Stick to your goals and consistently work towards them. Make active decisions on a regular basis on what changes you will make in your strategy or what you should add. Be proactive and patient, and give users great music to listen to. Soon you will see a growth in your fan base.

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Why Creative Instagram Marketing Works: Tips on How to Make It Work!

Creative Instagram marketing is taking online marketing by storm. As of June 2016, there was around 500 million users connecting every month. This number alone should convince you to use this hugely popular mobile app for your marketing efforts.

Almost every top brand and even celebrity personalities are on Instagram for business marketing. National Geographic posts stunning, magazine-quality visual content everyone has come to love. AirBnB gives us a daily dose of some of the best lodging places in the world. Adobe features 100% user-generated content that appeals to creatives. These brands have acknowledged the power of Instagram in cultivating a following and building solid relationships with consumers.

The Most Creative Tips on Instagram Marketing

So why does Instagram for business marketing work? What makes this award-winning app stand out from the crowd of social media platforms? In this article, we will discuss what makes this app work for marketing and how you too can start a creative Instagram marketing campaign for your business.

Why Instagram for Business Marketing Works

Instagram is a hot spot for engaged and interested consumers that interact with brands that post creative content consistently. Here are five good reasons why Instagram for business marketing would reap major benefits for your company:

1. Visuals Are an Effective Marketing Element

Creative Instagram Marketing for BusinessesThe primary reason why creative Instagram marketing works is the visual orientation of the app. Many marketing studies have shown that people generally retain information presented visually rather than pure text. Studies also suggest that visual data is being processed by the human brain 60 thousand times faster than text. About 65% of your audience are visual learners and will respond better to visual posts than plain text posts.

More Visual Content Statistics:

*90% of information processed by the human brain is visual.
*93% of human communication is actually nonverbal. So we don’t often rely on spoken words; we are geared to observe visual elements in any communication setting.

2. Wicked Algorithms Won’t Hide Your Content

Facebook marketers are often perplexed by the ever-changing algorithms used to deciding which posts will be shown to specific users, making it a “volatile” social media marketing platform for many. Instagram won’t do that to your posts. If someone follows your account, your posts have the same chance of being seen by that follower as any post of other accounts being followed by the user. This makes Instagram for business marketing ideal if you want to expand your reach and maximize your exposure.

3. Instagram Is King of Mobile Social Media

Instagram was born as a mobile media app, making it very popular among mobile users. Most, if not all, Instagram users are on mobile because you can’t post anything on their desktop version of their website. More and more consumers are going mobile. In fact, recent studies show that mobile online time in the US is now at 51%. This is considerably higher than desktop online time which is 42%. If you put in the effort to penetrate this mobile market, you’ll definitely see a growth in your business. Instagram offers you a way to do that.

4. Branding Your Business Through Visual Storytelling

A picture tells a thousand words. Cliché but this is still very true. Instagram makes it easy for you to establish your brand with just a photo that tells a relevant and interesting story. Your followers would love to see a human side or a glimpse into how things are done in businesses that have traditionally been inaccessible to consumers. They would also love to see the culture of your company, the things your employees do for fun, how it’s like working for you, the struggles you encounter, and more. These stories reflect what your business is all about, and that’s top notch branding for you.

Tips on How to Start a Creative Instagram Marketing

Use Creative Instagram Marketing to Increase Your ROICreative Instagram marketing doesn’t just happen. You need to come up with fresh ideas that work. Let us help you begin with these tips on starting the best creative Instagram marketing campaign:

1. Use Hashtags Effectively

According to Simply Measured, posts with at least one #hashtag have a higher average of engagement (12.6%) than those without. The keys to using hashtags effectively are using the right number of specific hashtags. For example, if your post is about Italian cuisine, use specific hashtags like the name of the food, or who cooked it.

To look for effective hashtags, see what your competitors are using and use Instagram’s search function. In the search bar, type in a search term related to your brand and then select the “Tags” tab. There you will see a list of relevant hashtags for that topic. What about the right amount? Studies have shown that posts with four or five hashtags had an average of 22 interactions while those without hashtags had at most 14 interactions. Posts with 11 hashtags performed poorly as well.

2. Host Competitions with Irresistible Rewards

Photo contests will draw engagement from users. That is if you promise a reward they can’t resist. A great example of a successful photo contest is a selfie contest held by Om Nom Nom Cookies, a vegan cookie company. They asked participants to post a selfie with an omnomnom cookie and submit it with an @mention to the company. The winner(s) receive a branded t-shirt. This is also a great way to drive sales AND promote engagement. Two birds with one stone!

3. Keep It Relevant to Users

Use These Tips on Creative Instagram MarketingRelevant content means content that speaks the language of your audience. If the majority of your followers are middle-aged men interested in sports fishing, it’s not a good idea to use a language and tone commonly heard around teenage girl cliques. It’s all about understanding your audience because no matter how creative your contests are or how many hashtags you use, if the content is not relevant, it will flop.

4. Use Different Kinds of Posts

Another thing that makes Instagram for business marketing perfect is its versatility. You can experiment with various types of posts other than photos. For example, stop motion videos are quirky, cute, and amusing. These are always a hit with Instagram users. Use a stop motion video of your employees at work or other business processes that you think might be enjoyable to your followers. Live videos are also a huge hit! There’s just something so interesting about a live broadcast. Be sure to keep the posts aligned to your brand though!

Creative Instagram marketing, when done right, offers tons of benefits to any brands. Instagram for business marketing is an innovative and cost-effective solution to a companies need to build a relationship with customers. So remember that it’s never too late to start a creative Instagram marketing campaign. Just read up on a lot of resources to get more ideas on how you can nail this thing down, and don’t hesitate to go on Instagram for business marketing purposes because it will surely pay off.

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Instagram Marketing for Business: Statistics and Tips

Instagram has grown exponentially since its launch in 2010, along with thousands of brands that rode with it’s popularity. They took advantage of the now mammoth photo and video sharing platform. Instagram marketing has never been more crucial for big and small businesses alike. Brands that developed a consistent and effective Instagram marketing strategy have seen incredible growth both in consumer relations and revenue.

Marketing on Instagram is bound to grow more, so here we will share Instagram statistics for business, and how to create a business Instagram account. We will even go over Instagram marketing tips for business to give you that push you need to start Instagram marketing. So let’s dive in!How to Best Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram Statistics for Business

Statistics have a way of driving home important marketing trends. Here are some Instagram statistics for business to convince you why you need to start promoting your business on Instagram:

1. Instagram has over 500 million monthly users. There are also over 300 million users who connect on their platform daily.

2. Almost 30% of the American population is active on Instagram.

3. About 48.8% of brands are marketing on Instagram, and this is expected to reach 70.7% by the end of 2017.

4. Top brands post roughly five times a week on Instagram.

5. 75% of Instagram users knowingly interact with intended marketing actions like clicking a link or visiting a website after seeing an advertising post.

6. Brands with over 100k Instagram followers have grown by 163% in the last two years. This percentage is also continually increasing.

7. A 2014 study found that user engagement rates on Instagram are 20 times higher than Twitter and 15 times higher than Facebook. This means that for users like you, there are higher chances of getting a comment or like on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter.

These are just seven Instagram statistics for businesses. This is just the tip of Instagram’s potential and power for business marketing. Already sold on using this social site? Read on for an easy 4-step guide on how to create a business Instagram account.

How to Create a Business Instagram Account

Instagram Marketing Tips and TricksStep #1: The first thing you want to do when starting Instagram marketing is to download the app and create a personal account. This won’t cost you a penny. You can sign up with your Facebook account, but you’ll still need to create a username and password.

Step #2: Then you need to convert the account to a “business account” to get access to Instagram analytics and insights. To do this, connect your account to your business Facebook page by going to the “Settings” and choosing “Switch to Business Profile”.

Step #3: Once that’s done, go to your Profile tab and tap the “Edit Your Profile” icon where you can change your name, profile picture, username, and add a website with a short description.

Step #4: Then publish your first post!

These four steps on how to create a business Instagram account are incredibly easy, but effective Instagram marketing takes a lot more than that. Instagram marketing tips for businesses are abound, and you need to make use of these to ensure that you’re doing the right things.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Business

1. Tell Stories and Be Visually Tantalizing

Instagram users love stunning visuals that tell a story. Take them behind the scenes of your business. If you’re a restaurant, Instagram users would love to see photos of your kitchen crew in action. These kinds of photos will make them feel closer and more acquainted with your business, encouraging them to try your services. Also, Instagram is all about visuals. Nail down how to create stunning imagery and your followers will surely appreciate seeing you on their feed. Make sure the visuals are clear, high definition, and gives off a particular mood that aligns with your brand.

2. Add Value to Your Users

This is an all-important goal for any social media marketing efforts. Marketing on Instagram will be successful if you know how to add value to your readers. Publish posts that will help improve their lives, provide solutions to their problems, or inspire them in many ways. These kinds of posts are a welcome treat for online users who are constantly bombarded with advertisements that don’t seem to offer anything of real value to them.The Best Instagram Marketing Techniques

3. Don’t Flood Your Followers

Perhaps one of the best things you can do concerning customer relations is to avoid flooding and overwhelming your users with new posts every hour. You want to stay relevant without being annoying. So what you can do is to follow the general practice of the top brands who post about 5 times a week. Then experiment with the frequency of your posts until you find what works for you.

4. Stay Updated on New Instagram Statistics for Business

The importance of staying on top of trends is probably not new to you. Keeping track of Instagram statistics for business and thinking about how you can use these to your advantage. This is crucial for marketing in a fast-changing marketing channel. Instagram statistics for business will give you ideas on better strategies, new techniques to apply, and new opportunities for marketing.

5. Re-Purpose or Curate Content from Other Popular Accounts

Successful marketing on Instagram needs consistent posts, and it’s understandable that our creative juices will run out from time to time. That’s where re-purposing or curating content come in handy. As long as you tag or mention the original poster, this is a completely ethical marketing practice. Just make sure that the posts you’re re-purposing or curating are relevant to your followers.

6. Use Free Instagram Tools to Analyze Your Success

Use Instagram Marketing to Increase Your Online BrandOne of the best Instagram marketing tips for business that we can give you is to consistently measure your success. Instagram’s free analytics tools will give you real data about your users – their demographics, behaviors, and other data pertinent to your success. Keep track of your engagement rates, number and growth of followers. It is also important to keep track of which posts performed well and which posts did not. Measuring your results will show you what works for your business so you can tweak some of these Instagram marketing tips for business to fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Instagram statistics for business show us that Instagram Marketing is not optional anymore. Instagram’s has an expanding user base that any business can take advantage of. Instagram marketing is also a cost-effective way of getting your name out there. It provides you a unique platform where you can directly engage with users by providing useful and well-designed posts. Effective marketing on Instagram will grow your brand in ways you’ve never imagined before, so with these Instagram marketing tips for business, start conquering this platform now.

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Top 20 Veterans of Instagram who get the most Likes

In honor of Veterans Day, Instagram we put together a list of actors, motivational speakers, paralympians and comedians, who together make up the list of the Top 20 Veterans who encourage us to be thankful.

Here is the List of Ex Military Personnel ranked by Followers and Likes:

  1. Veteran: csmuncy
    1. Followers: 3702
    2. C.S. Muncy is the owner of this site where he operates as photojournalist and has a link to his business. He has a large number of photos representing his professional work, ranging from people with unique cultural perspectives to political protests to military action. There is something here for everybody.
  2. Veteran: ghost_of_a_gunfighter
    1. Followers: 18,100+
    2. Demonstrating the courage and tenacity that defines a combat veteran, Sebastian display an array of pictures and videos that reflect his heroic service to his country and the continuing real life challenges he faces as a wounded and disabled veteran. The first video you encounter has over 138,000 views.
  3. noahgallowayathleteVeteran: noahgallowayathlete
    1. Followers: 231,000
    2. Noah Galloway states his life credentials on his page as a 3rd place finisher in Dancing With The Stars, Season 20. a retired Sergeant, an athlete, motivational speaker, author, and father. The pictures and videos are from his many life experiences showing the challenges and triumphs of going beyond perceived limitations.
  4. Veteran: ampd_up15
    1. Followers: 4934
    2. Through pictures, Cody shares more than simply the challenges of being a disabled veteran. He shows what it is like to create and take on new challenges – and conquer them. You will everything from scaling the side of a cliff to sharing life on a limb, and includes images of those who are and have been near and dear to him.
  5. Veteraniamwesmoore
    1. Followers: 6523
    2. What strikes you first when visiting the page of Wes Moore is his ongoing commitment to community and country, as he is heavily involved in higher education and being a voice for those who are not able to be heard. There is a clear connection to family here, and his list of accomplishments continue to appear as you scroll down the page. You leave the page thinking that the number of people he has positively impacted is far greater than the number of his followers.
  6. dcwriley
    1. Followers: 14,500
    2. A self-described student and adventurer, there is one obvious fact about his adventures – he loves things that are cold. And wet. Whether you see his pictures skiing down the mountain slopes or surfing the waves on the ocean, you know he definitely is an adventurer. For Daniel, there is no such thing as being too “outdoorsy.” It is there he is in his element.
  7. iamjrmartinez
    1. Followers: 13,300
    2. J.R. loves football, but when scrolling through the pages you discover he likely spends far more time with people – and his dog. He meets life head on with eyes open, and you learn that somehow there is always food in the area. And while he accepts his own struggle, he also is keenly in touch with the struggles outside of himself and for those around him.
  8. ironman_1108
    1. Followers: 11
    2. Calling Demir Ersoz! You have a great start to your Instagram page with the cute picture. But there is a crowd gathering here and we would like to see more of you. Don’t keep us waiting long.
  9. derekweidaderekweida
    1. Followers: 455,000
    2. If you wonder how Derek got 455,000 followers, you don’t have to look far. He takes keeping fit very seriously. Very. After scrolling down a few pages you begin to realize Derek is definitely into self-expression. Considering how many Likes he gets on each Post, you can tell people love his page. A random fact: He calls himself “Just a dude.” Uh huh.
  10. cjchivers
    1. Followers: 28,500
    2. C. J. has a unique eye for food and … scenery. You will a definite connection between himself and the ocean. You will definitely experience the feeling that there is more life outdoors than indoors.
  11. red1882
    1. Followers: 42
    2. Red has amassed 42 followers by being completely mysterious. It is clear that there are people out there who know the Instagram whereabouts of red. Fight the silence!
  12. scottyybob
    1. Followers: 6127
    2. From the beginning of the page you begin to get the sense that somehow Scotty Bob (or is it Bob Scotty?) is either a bit of a prankster (he is) or that he is in a quest to complete his childhood. One thing is for certain. He likes heights. And jumping from high places. In between his high flying adventures and his other questionable adult activities, you find he has traveled to the Orient.
  13. bobby_henline
    1. Followers: 35,100
    2. It may not seem to be the best way to describe Bobby Henline’s Instagram page, but it definitely seems to be well-thought out. If you take the time to scroll through the site one page at a time, you always seem to come across something that surprises you. Scroll down a page or two and then see that, yes, his arm really is that big. Scroll down another page or two and you get a glimpse of reality. And yes, the comedy is there.
  14. aguywithcamera
    1. Followers: 1723
    2. Matthew Bragg is a Marine who aspires to be a photojournalist. The pictures on his Instagram page are not a good start – they are a great start. He is insightful enough to know that children often make the best subjects for a camera, and he can capture the emptiness of life or the honor of military service equally in a single frame. Many times pictures are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will never be able to be captured again. Matthew has been able to capture more than a few and share them with his followers.
  15. mstockwell01
    1. Followers: 10,000+
    2. This is a woman you may have already become familiar with. Melissa Stockwell is a two-time Paralympian, having competed in 2008 and 2016, having achieved a Bronze medal in 2016. She is also a three-time Paratriathlon world champion. She is also a successful mom and finds time to give motivational speeches. Her Instagram album is a walk through a personal history. It reflects a wealth of reality about life: its triumphs, its challenges, its hope for future generations. And yes, there are also the obligatory pictures of the family dog.
  16. brojaq
    1. Followers: 86,100
    2. There is something to be said about a woman who is armed to the teeth, and the page of Jacqueline Carrizosa has an abundance of her proudly displaying not only a number of her personal favorites, but the demonstration that she is more than competent with them. What also runs through her gallery of pictures is the distinct message that she is completely comfortable in her own skin.
  17. bambam0069
    1. Followers 77,100
    2. The founder of Wishes for Warriors, you will get a clear sense of one likely reason he got the name BamBam. The gallery of pictures takes you into a world where guns are fun and friends, family, and children are at the center on a person’s life. There is a large dose of laughter you will find here, and some home spun philosophy.
  18. andrewbreese
    1. Followers: 1219
    2. Andrew’s page offers a clear challenge to those who visit his page: “Continue to see and grow beyond your fingers and toes.” There is nothing hokey about it. Paging through his gallery has you seeing very common things in a very uncommon way. These are the images you see, but overlook. There are dogs for dog lovers. Lots of them. Yet there is also something comforting about the pictures, as if you have been to these places yourself.
  19. dannyshenanigans
    1. Followers: 813
    2. Daniel Gorman, a.k.a., Danny Shenanigans, is an admittedly amateur photographer. The more than 1200 pictures he has available range from the simple (a menu on a restaurant table) to the created beauty of a skyline to the natural beauty of a sunset. You will be looking at pictures and have pictures looking back at you. Good photographers take pictures of life. Great photographers bring life to their pictures.
  20. paulrieckhoff
    1. Followers: 4058
    2. When visiting Paul’s page you get the sense of what people often call a “normal” person. The pictures tell the story of his life, very much like our own. It is involved, complicated, simple, dedicated, a little political, a lot loyal, a journey we do not walk alone, and a life of hope. It is almost guaranteed you will find a part of yourself as you browse through the gallery. That makes it a place to connect.

If you want to follow more inspirational Veterans, take a look at Luis Garcia who built an Instagram Empire totally over 6 million followers across 3 of his accounts.

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3 Ways to use Hashtags to Increase your Instagram Likes


Use As Many Hashtags as possible

People might find this step frustrating. They might not like to watch a post get seemingly buried beneath a huge list of hashtag links. However, there is no getting around the fact that people find posts in the first place through hashtags. The more hashtags there are, the more likely it is that people are going to find the post and the more likely it is that the post is going to get liked more often.

People should also be fine with using the same words in hashtags over and over again. There are plenty of different hashtags that will be similar to one another and yet subtly different from one another as well. No one should be afraid of repetition with hashtags. Some of the people who will be searching for hashtags on that particular topic will use one hashtag rather than another one that is only worded slightly differently. While it might seem strange to seemingly repeat the same search terms over and over again, it has worked for a lot of people on Instagram and similar websites.

Use Some of the Most Popular Hashtags of the Day

This tip is actually a lot trickier than it sounds. The popularity of hashtags changes so rapidly that people are really going to struggle with actually being able to keep track of the trends. However, whenever people have reason to believe that a hashtag is trending, it’s time to try to use that hashtag or to take advantage of it right away. This trick is easier on some social media websites, which make it clear which hashtags are trending.

Some people might actually specifically take pictures that relate to the particular hashtag that is popular in a given moment. This strategy can be tough. It’s possible that the trend will change the moment that the picture is actually posted. However, if it’s a popular enough topic, it is also possible that people are going to end up creating new hashtags that are similar anyway. People can’t just rely on the trending hashtags, of course. Their posts might get buried beneath the trending posts of others. However, trending hashtags are still going to help a lot of people get noticed.

Mix Popular Hashtags With Obscure Hashtags

People who use less popular hashtags will more or less rule that particular hashtag. As such, it’s going to be even easier for them to stand out in that particular category. They are going to have the chance to really catch people’s attention in this one specific niche. People should usually not rely on obscure hashtags unless that is their specific field and they are creating content in an extremely niche category. However, mixing in these hashtags with some of the more popular ones can really help. It will also make it look like the people in question aren’t working as hard at trying to be trendy, which is also useful for a lot of people on social media today.

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8 Strategies to Increase Your Likes and Followers For Instagram

followers for InstagramAre you looking to gain more Instagram followers?

If you are, we know what you need to do!

With 500 million users, Instagram is one of the top social networking sites today.

It enables you to communicate with other users through photos and short videos.

But is growing a large following on getting thousands of likes an easy task?

Well, like on any other social media site, getting thousands or millions of followers is not a walk in the park, unless you are a popular celebrity, public figure or strong brand.

In this post, we’re sharing pro tips on how to gain followers for Instagram and boost your ability to reach thousands of people with every post.

Let’s get into it!

Quality Content Is Key

Every day, 300 million people head over to Instagram to discover stunning photos or entertaining clips.

To get a share of these users, you must upload high-quality content always. No one will look at your pics twice if they have a low image resolution or are not captivating.

As such, the first step to increasing your followers for Instagram is to invest in a good camera or smartphone.

Once you have your camera, focus on taking great images. Take photographs from different angles to enhance your chances of getting the best shot.

When you’re ready to post, don’t upload any random photo to your Instagram page. Take time to review your photographs and select the best.

Captions Speak Volumes

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

But this doesn’t mean you should upload your photographs to Instagram and let them do the talking.

Be sure to include a caption that describes what the pic is all about, as well as where it was taken.

How can captions help you gain more likes and followers for Instagram?

For starters, captions add context to your photos, making them more useful, informative and inviting. Think of viewing a photo without a caption as watching a movie without sound!

Secondly, captions give you a chance to express your wit. If you’re able to craft humorous captions, then people will not only come to your page for the visuals but also to read your witty captions and have a good laugh!

Use Hashtags and Emojis

Yes, hashtags aren’t only useful on Twitter!

Accompanying your posts with a hashtag makes it easier for you to be discovered by other users.

Don’t use any word or phrase as a hashtag because you think it’s cool. Dig around the platform to find popular tags that are related to your photos.

Adding an emoji to your captions also aids your discoverability, because they’re searchable.

Consistency is Important

On social media, consistency is crucial to brand growth.

You want to keep your followers engaged, and there isn’t a better way to do so than posting new content consistently.

You could settle for a posting schedule; that is, for instance, post a photo in the morning, afternoon and evening. Or, you could just do your thing and post a couple of them throughout the day.

Either way, stick to your frequency.

However, be sure to strike a balance between consistency and over-posting. It’s one thing to post a couple of photos a day, and it’s another to post lots of pics per day!

Too many posts bore your existing followers and discourage other users from following your page.

Also, curate your photos to a uniform size. This helps to make your page visually appealing to potential followers.

Engage with Users

Instagram enables other users to like and comment on your posts.

Engaging with your commenters shows that you care, and encourages other users to follow you and feel part of the conversation.

But as your following grows and comments start piling up, you may not have the time to respond to each and every comment.

In this case, it helps to let your followers know that you’re always reading their comments.

Promote Your Instagram Page on Other Platforms

You can leverage the power of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter to gain more followers for Instagram.

To cross-post to Facebook and Twitter, all you have to do is link your Instagram account to these networks. Your Instagram posts will automatically show up on your Facebook and Twitter pages everytime you post something fresh.

On Snapchat, you will have to manually post your Instagram stories.

Feel free to cross-post to as many social networks as you can to enhance your chances of attracting a larger audience to your Instagram page.

Run Contests

Running a social media contest on Instagram is another way to boost user engagement.

The type of contests you run should depend on what appeals to your followers.

For instance, you can ask your audience to like one of your photos, upon which you’ll select a random winner. The winner can receive anything from a special mention on your page to a $100 gift card!

As you make your contests more interesting, word will spread around the platform, so new users will come to your page to have a share of the fun!

Buy Likes and Followers for Instagram

Getting frustrated with your efforts to get more likes and followers organically?

If you are, then it’s high time you considered purchasing quality Instagram followers.

To take advantage of this option, you need to find a reputable company that offers this service and place your order. Within a matter of hours, you will see your followers start to increase.

It’s also possible to buy Instagram views and likes.

In Conclusion…

Whether you are a marketer, business owner or celebrity, Instagram can influence your visual image and boost your online presence.

However, no one said increasing your followers for Instagram was going to be easy.

You must get everything right, from consistently posting high-quality content to using hashtags and engaging your commenters.

Alternatively, you can always buy Instagram followers to give your organic efforts an energy boost.

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