How to Bookmark Instagram Photo and Video posts.


Everything you needed to know about saving Instagram posts.

You would agree that Instagram is one of the most effective and efficient social media platforms. This is because it has gained and sustained increasing popularity, especially among younger audiences. Just like other platforms, Instagram continually introduces new features, and this is why it has been able to sustain its popularity. Also, such features are introduced to allow for a better experience while using the network.
The latest addition to its list of features which occurred about a month ago (December 2016) enables users to bookmark images and videos they want. This feature is open to all iOS and Android users. The fact that it is now possible to save pictures on Instagram has significant advantages especially for marketers using this platform. This feature just like others makes the network a lot more attractive and efficient too.

About Instagram bookmarks

instagram-bookmarkThe update is quite simple. With the Instagram bookmark, any user can bookmark any existing post on the network for future purposes. When that is done, instead of such posts disappearing into the news feed, they will be saved into a new special page on the user’s Instagram account. This new page can be tagged “saved.”
One great thing about bookmarking is that it is not a public activity. This means that only the user can see that a picture, video or post has been bookmarked. This goes a long way to account for privacy for the users. Also, only users can gain access to the secure page where the bookmarked posts are stored. This feature will allow you to quickly revisit any interesting or bookmarked post in the future without having to search for it in your news feed. This will go a long way to improving your experience on the network.

Benefits of Bookmarking

For users, this feature will improve your general experience with the network. It would mean a lot more to marketers as it will form a crucial part in building a better presence on Instagram. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but let’s state a few.
Keeping track of social media influencers: Saving pictures on Instagram will allow you to capture influential moments that you can take advantage of when the need arises. For instance, when you bookmark an image that was posted by an influencer, you can engage with it to take advantage of the influencers crowd. Bookmarked posts will also gain more and get more views over time as people watch the video over and over again.
Create and enhance your content calendar: For maximum engagement, marketers would need to post more than once a day on Instagram. Hence, finding relevant information daily may soon become a hassle. Bookmarking will allow you to accumulate and find relevant content easily.
Build a long lasting brand presence: Since your audience will be able to bookmark your posts, you would have a longer lasting brand presence. Do not underestimate this because it would have a longer lasting impact than the otherwise short life span of your regular Instagram posts.
IG has taken a page out of Pinterests playbook by copying their saving feature. You can read more about the similarities of Pinterest and Instagrams latest features by visiting here:


Instagram bookmarks also have long-term benefits and are not just a ‘cool’ new feature. This is an indication that Instagram is willing to innovative to stay relevant to its users. This is of course through its parent company, Facebook. In a nutshell, being able to save pictures on Instagram is more than just a new exciting feature for users but also a potentially useful tool for marketers. So if you want to invest your resources in long lasting media that can reliably reach your audience even in years to come, Instagram bookmarking is the latest product in this light. To learn more about building a brand presence on the Instagram network, contact us.

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These Instagram Marketing Tips Will Help You Sell More

If you’re not on Instagram, then it might be time to rethink your marketing strategy. Instagram marketing is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to reach new customers and expand your brand awareness into new niches and with new customers. These 6 Instagram marketing tips make it easy.

1. Instagram marketing tips 101: it’s all about the algorithm

It’s no secret that Instagram uses an algorithm, and that understanding that algorithm is critical to generating new business through the platform.

What is not well known is how the algorithm actually works.

Obviously, the nitty gritty details of how Facebook ranks profiles and pictures on Instagram remains a closely guarded proprietary secret.

However, one that that is well understood by Instagram marketing pros is that Instagram is all about proportional engagement.

Proportional engagement is a method that social media sites like Instagram use to work out how popular a post is.

The idea is that engagement isn’t measured as a total of how many likes or follows or comments a particular post gets, but rather is measured as a proportion of everyone who saw it.

For example, imagine that an account has 200 followers, and a post gets 10 likes and 2 comments. Now imagine another account that has 2,000 followers and every post gets 10 likes and 2 comments. Proportional engagement would mean that the 200-follower account would rank better than the 2,000-follower account.


Because a higher percentage of people who saw the 200-follower post engaged with it compared to the 2,000-follower post. Imagine every follower on each account saw the post. 5% liked the 200-follower post, compared to 0.5% on the 2,000-follower post.

This is why Instagram is such a potent social media platform, especially for small businesses – the proportional control means that feeds are dominated by what’s more engaging based on likes and comments rather than being dominated by the biggest players with the deepest pockets.

2. Generate good content

Now that we’re clear that truly any business can leverage the Instagram platform, it’s time to get down to making a profitable feed. The most important Instagram marketing tip?

Generate good content.

If you’re looking for organic followers, and it’s all about engagement, you need to actually produce something that people want to engage with.

Need some inspiration? Buzzfeed’s Tasty account @buzzfeedtasty is one of the most successful Instagram accounts right now, part of a huge profit generation machine.

What makes it so successful?

Sure, there’s a lot of data behind the videos and analytics based on what people like and what they don’t, which allow continued optimization that’s probably beyond most businesses.

But that’s not the fundamental cause for Buzzfeed’s success.

The root cause is a lot simpler: their videos are really fun to watch.

Your account needs to do the same thing – be worth looking at and watching:

  • Incorporate video into your content generation
  • Stick to the Golden Ratio when you’re shooting photos
  • Plan your shots – think through what story you want to tell

3. Track your links

Marketing is all about data. That’s the crux of the whole game.

That’s why it’s so important for you to track your links in Instagram. Most other social media networks (looking at you Facebook) have pretty robust built-in analytics. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have quite the same depth.

Our Instagram marketing tip?

Get a link tracking program and track your post links. See what drives the most click through and activity., Hootsuite, even Google URL shortener will all work – use whatever one you’re most comfortable with.

4. Interact with your followers

The best engagement is a conversation with your followers. And since you’re the product owner, it’s up to you to start it.

To get things moving, you need to think of your Instagram marketing like a first date.

First, you open the door with a prompt or question in your post caption. Questions are nice and easy, but sometimes a funny quip will actually go further towards driving the engagement that you’re looking for.

Second, stay on top of responding to questions and comments as they roll in. If you can, try and respond to every single comment. Even if it’s just a small ‘thanks for the support!’ sort of response, it still demonstrates that you’re engaged with your audience base.

By instigating the conversation and working to keep it going, you’re far more likely to drive a conversation forward than if you wait for people to comment on their own.

Of course, likes and follows help too.

5. Be authentic

Of course, if you are planning on going to do the Instagram marketing tip of interacting with your followers you need to be absolutely 100% authentic.

Users can smell insincerity ten miles off.

You do NOT want to be the one who they’re sniffing.

Fortunately, being authentic isn’t hard – you really just need to be your brand. If your brand has a strong voice, then write and post in that voice.

For example, the Starbuck’s brand would probably never swear in an Instagram post – it wouldn’t reflect their brand identity and voice at all.

But that might be just right for your brand. Before you start investing heavily into Instagram, make sure you’re clear on what you want your business to do and how you want your business to interact with the world in Instagram. Being clear up front will save you a world of headaches down the line.

6. Drive conversions with your bio link

Instagram gets used by a lot of big companies to simply drive brand awareness – it’s valuable just to get their product in front of eyeballs. But for anyone who isn’t Coca-Cola sized, then your marketing needs to achieve a better ROI.

You can use the link in your bio to:

  • Drive Instagram browsers to a specific landing page
  • Promote a specific promotion (e.g. send people to the sale section of your e-commerce website)
  • Drive attention and traffic to a specific product (e.g. ‘we just launched a new range of pottery bowls Link in our bio)

The point is that by strategically using your bio link, you can direct Instagram traffic to a particular place, creating a better and more tailored experience for your audience.

Just don’t forget to track it.

Wrap up

Instagram can be a huge boon for your product or service and can help you reach new customers and expand into new arenas, not to mention build your brand and brand awareness among loyalists and new business alike. With these 6 Instagram marketing tips, you’re sure to be off to a good start.

Want more Instagram marketing tips? Be sure to check out our post on 6 Creative Campaigns To Start Today!

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Top 5 Instagram Video Views Apps and Websites

IG Video CountIf you are an Instagram enthusiast, you know just how useful views in Instagram are for any post. This is why having an app that can help you synchronize your views is imperative. Additionally, if you are yearning to earn more Instagram views, random posting can never do the trick quite as smart as buying views can tally your count.

This need to boost views status is what pushes many Instagram users into going an extra mile to include features that others take for granted. In this review, we are going to look at several views apps for Instagram, as well as some of the best websites where you can get Instagram views.

Top 5 Instagram Video Views Applications on iTunes

  1. Magic Liker for Instagram

This app by Punicasoft is one of the best you can get from iTunes to boost the management of your Instagram views. As the name suggests, this app works wonders by giving users bonus video views, flexible numbers of views and many other features. It also comes with multiple user support and IAP bug fixes among other exciting features.

  1. 8000 Followers for Instagram

The multi-purpose app by Zifan Zhang is a track of opportunities, with the aspect of views looming large. If you want to increase your Instagram views and grow your popularity, then this app is for you. This app provides satisfactory service to users, not to mention that it is genuine and reliable.

  1. Get Followers Likes and Views for Instagram

Boost your Instagram views with this app by Renyon Zhang, which is capable of turning your dream of becoming an Instagram celebrity into reality. With support for multi-accounts and share coins and a 10% extra on all good deals for VIP users, you can be sure of getting only the best from this app.

  1. Instaboost

This app is WickeyWare brainchild, and it is a killer in the game. With this app, you can get a significant boost on your Instagram views in a click of a button. This app does not require Password for login; you only need to paste a direct URL to your photo, choose the number of video views you want and click GO. The best part about this app is in its simplicity. It is one of the apps you have to try one of these days. You can also see more apps from this developer.

  1. Get Video Views

Yuan Hu is the developer of this app, and it is doing well in boosting your views on Instagram. If you are looking for a breakthrough in becoming popular on Instagram, this is the solution. This app helps you promote your videos, account, and photos as well. The views here come from real users on Instagram, and not a matter of artificial users or cheats. Additionally, VIP users stand a better chance of getting an extra 10% the total number of views and other deals, not to mention that promotions and daily affordable coins sales too.

The best 5 websites where you can buy Instagram Views

Getting a high number of views is the dream of any Instagram, account owner. The good news is that you can get better counts on your views by ordering from several websites, easy, fast and cheap. Here are several sites where you can buy them.


This site offers a fast delivery of Instagram views to your videos fast. With several packages on offer, you can select the one that best fits your budget. From as low, like less than $3, you can tally up your views and anchor a space on Instagram. They offer quality and real views, and you can purchase as many as you need.


Are you looking to add the counter to your Instagram view counter? Well, this is a website you should visit and make a purchase of several packages of views for your videos. With offering the best updates, with a quick, easy and reliable source for your Instagram needs. Your views will be delivered as fast as within 30-seconds after making your payment, with their service running around the clock.


With their 1000 views to your Instagram video and bonus likes, you are guaranteed of an excellent service with the purchase of these views. The service is of high quality, and the delivery is conveniently fast, with the submission of the views done in less than 5 minutes after purchase. Users can buy views for as low as $3.49 and start gaining high counts.


With Instagram having implemented a 3-second play rule for the view to be confirmed, this website is offering a service that will ensure you get your views counting despite the short time-span. The system will watch the video up to the minimum time limit to boost your view count. Orders are delivered the same day (15 minutes after payment), with many packages to suit users’ diverse needs. This is one of the best ways to buy Instagram Views using a trusted website like SocialProof.


This service takes pride as the best Instagram video views online service. With, you can be sure of getting as many as 100 000 Instagram views. Their orders are within 15 minutes to 6 hours, and they offer a money back guarantee if they do not deliver. The good news for beginners is that there is a free test option for new customers, which means the new visitors can enjoy this welcoming token.

Top 5 tricks to help your Video Posts go Viral on IG.

You can download free apps from iTunes or use websites to boost the count of your Instagram video views, it is not as if you cannot do more to add to the number. Here are several other ways, which can help you in increasing the count tremendously.  

  • You can edit the video on the computer to make it appear more attractive than the original one and get better reception. Then you can transfer it from the computer to another device for posting.
  • It is also wise to be creative enough and create a call to action sense in your video. Videos with this aspect perform much far better than those with little comments.
  • Hash tags on your captions also help attract more viewers who can get to see your videos. Having more followers can also play a significant part in increasing the chances of your video getting a high number of viewers since your followers will be in a better position to view it.
  • Another effective way to increase your views is by embedding your Instagram video with a website that has a good traffic. Embedding your video means that it is exposed to many prospect viewers out there.
  • It is best if you avoid breaching copyright rights of other people. This ignorance does not only negatively affect your videos credibility but also risks your account being banned.

Instagram is a great platform for social connectivity for companies, organizations, and individuals. You cannot get a higher profile stand in any other way better than having your view count shockingly high. Whether you use the iTunes apps for managing your views or go for the website views buying option, you have to try to get at the top of the count for your profile to be stunning. Remember, using the tricks we have discussed here to increase the views of your videos also really counts. You can try all you can and tally up that number. Sometimes you may have to spend few bucks to get the job done, but with the benefits that come with high view counts, the costs are worth.

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The Facebook Analytics Tools You Need for a Successful Campaign

The marketing power of Facebook is undeniable.

There are 1.79 billion active users and growing, and that’s more than 38% of the entire online population worldwide!

If you’re not an established brand, Facebook marketing is crucial for staying competitive, whether you’re targeting the local, national, or global market.

There are more than 50 million active business pages and Facebook fan pages worldwide. The vast majority of marketers agree that Facebook is the most effective social media marketing channel.

So not only do you need Facebook, you still face some hefty competition from fellow small businesses.

Not to mention, you want to see a decent ROI too. Am I right?

That’s why you need to use Facebook analytics tools every step of the way to make sure your competitor analysis, content strategy, and ad performance are on point from beginning to end.

If you’re about to dig your heels into a new Facebook campaign, don’t start without reading this list of analytics tools you need to maximize your campaign ROI.

Get Metric Data On Your Competition

Don’t pretend like your competition isn’t there.

Keep tabs, and learn what your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are so you can craft campaigns that compete and answer an unfulfilled need in the market.

Competition analysis produces critical data on the following:

  • Consumer targeting
  • Market forecasts
  • Economic conditions
  • Price structuring
  • Customer acquisition rates

But Facebook analytics tools takes competitor analysis a step further by letting you snoop in on their content and engagement strategy.

Let’s take a look at our first Facebook competitor analysis tool.

Track Likes and Post Performance with Likealyzer

This free tool looks simple but it packs a punch.

Simply enter in any Facebook page to generate a complete report of the following metrics:


  • Like totals
  • Like growth percentage
  • People talking about this (PTAT) performance rate
  • Engagement rate percentage


  • Posts per day
  • Post length
  • Good or bad post timing
  • Likes, comments, and shares averages
  • Hashtag indicator

Likealyzer also compares your competitor’s Facebook metric score with others in the same industry lane.

Deeper Competitor Analysis with Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is one of the most popular Facebook analytics tools for scoping out your competition.

Like Likealyzer, you can use Fanpage Karma’s free page analysis tool to gauge your competitor’s popularity and engagement.

But it goes further with several additional features for full-blown competitor analysis.

Key features include:

  • A competition tool to see which pages have more supportive fans
  • The Good Luck Fairy Tool reveals your competitor’s most successful promoted posts
  • Get side-by-side comparison charts and graphs to better visualize your competition’s standing
  • Discover emerging trends with content comparison tools

Other honorable mentions include Simply Measured, which delivers a comprehensive competition analysis report to users, and Facebook’s own Insights tool that lets you “watch” competitor’s pages and covertly add them to your newsfeed.

Facebook Analytics Tools For Optimization

Optimization isn’t just for search engines anymore.

Social media networks became powerful content discovery platforms themselves, and the need for Facebook optimization became clear.

Along with targeted keyword research, Facebook optimization also requires hashtag research, geo-targeted marketing, local SEO, and strategic keyword placement.

Use the following Facebook analytics tools to build your optimization strategy:

You can also implement these easy tricks to optimize Your Facebook strategy RIGHT NOW:

  • Choose a clear, short, search-friendly name for your Facebook page. Ideally, the name of your business or service.
  • Create a customized page URL with your business name.
  • Strategically place targeted keywords in the “about” text box.
  • Include a targeted keyword within the first 140 characters of your description. This will serve as the meta description under your Facebook page’s result in Google.
  • The first 18 characters will also serve as the meta description for your individual posts, so remember to include a keyword in that first sentence.
  • Include your business address and phone number to improve your local SEO
  • Add your primary links to your description.
  • Add your Facebook page link to your website and other social pages.
  • Take advantage of the underappreciated “notes” feature to post original SEO content to your Facebook page.

Monitor and Manage Your Facebook Content Strategy

Approximately 5 billion content pieces are shared every day on Facebook, and that’s in addition to more than 500 comments, 300,000 status updates, and 136,000 photo updates generated per minute.

You need Facebook analytics tools to make sure your campaigns stand out in a sea of GIFs, memes, videos, and shared articles.

You already learned how to snoop in on your competitor’s content strategy to improve your own, and now you’re going to see where your content efforts stand.

Use the following tools to monitor and manage your Facebook content strategy:

Analyze Facebook Ad Performance and ROI

We have your competitor analysis, optimization, and content strategy squared away, and now it’s time to focus on your Facebook ads.

Almost 80% of all Facebook ad revenue is attributed exclusively to mobile ads, making Facebook advertising a key part of any mobile marketing strategy.

Once you’ve written your ads and chosen your targeted audience, you need to consistently analyze your campaign’s performance. This way, you can tweak your campaign on the fly and make necessary budget changes as you go to save money.

Facebook analytics tools help you understand the following data points:

  • Impressions and Clicks
  • Conversion rates
  • Return on Ad spending, which is your revenue divided by your advertising costs.
  • Customer value: long-term value does the campaign have with customers?

To increase your ROI, make these tools a part of your Facebook strategy:

  • Facebook Business: first and foremost, Facebook’s own business ad manager is fantastic. It’s packed with complimentary tools to help you optimize your campaigns for maximum performance.
  • Qwaya: A/B testing is so important for saving money on Facebook advertising. Qwaya lets you create “split tests” so you can launch with the strongest campaign.
  • Hoosuite Ads: Along with being a social media management tool, Hootsuite also has powerful facebook analytics tools to help you set ad revenue goals.
  • Adroll: Retargeting can improve ad response by 400%! Use Ad Roll to track your visitor bounce rate and reintroduce your business to them through retargeted Facebook ads.

And it’s not just your social media strategy that benefits.

Facebook analytics tools help you better manage your budget and resources for the next campaign. Plus, you can improve these following internet marketing strategies with deeper analysis of Facebook metrics:

  • Online reputation management: monitor comments and mentions to respond quickly and accordingly to control your brand’s online reputation.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM): social media impressions are also ranking factors for search engines. The more impressions you collect, the higher you rank in search engine results pages (SERP)
  • Influencer marketing: activity moderation and content discovery will help you find the most relevant influencers for your brand.
  • Integrated marketing: this strategy leverages the power of several marketing channels to produce and deliver story-driven marketing campaigns. Analytics is needed to ensure the campaigns are properly distributed and interpreted across all platforms.

Your Facebook strategy is ready to go, and the next part is making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Test out these Facebook analytics tools to find the right one for you and analyze daily to stay ahead of the curve.

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Top 10 Instaliker Apps to Gain Likes and Followers

InstalikerGetting free likes on Instagram is easy, especially if you use the correct iOS apps. Here you will get likes from actual Instagram users, quickly, ensuring that you grow your Instagram page fast. Additionally, these apps, which are proven to be quick and safe, will notify you of people genuinely interested in your photos, while also allowing you to discover more people.

The top rated Instagram likes apps include:

InstaLikes for Instagram

InstaLikes enables you to get lots of Instagram likes for free. Since it is a social app, you will be able to:

  • Like videos and photos of other Instagram users and vice versa.
  • Get notifications of how many likes you have, thanks to an added notification feature.
  • Earn bonuses, enabling users to have extra fun and likes.

InstaLikes is completely free, giving an average of 25 free likes per hour.

Like4Like App:

Like4Like will give you over genuine 5000 Likes and 1000 Followers, daily. It is a simple to use app and allows you to;

  • Like other Instagram users’ pictures and videos, while earning a coin for each picture you like or user you follow.
  • Spend earned coins on promoting your favorite Instagram pictures and profile.
  • Get loads of likes and followers, depending on coins spent on a daily basis.

Likes (Former Instaliker)

If you wish to get thousands of likes on a regular basis, consider using InstaLiker. It is a number one Instagram likes app in more than 35 countries, allowing users to blow up their Instagram post with tons of likes. It lets users;

  • Like posts (photos and videos) and earn free coins and buy coins.
  • Spend coins to get new likes, followers, and views on your posts.
  • Exchange likes on photos, getting real free likes from real users.
  • Get likes delivered to their posts in a few seconds or minutes.

Instaliker Video: 

Magic Liker

Magic Liker is the magical app for gaining other likes and views on Instagram. The app works in the following easy steps;

  • View posts and like them to get stars.
  • Spend the earned stars to get new likes from other Instagram users.
  • Enable users get a flexible number of likes and views.
  • Earn bonus stars on video views.
  • Get purchase lead packs with in-app purchases.

Like Potion

Like Potion is a social media app that enables Instagram users to get more likes, while they discover and like posts of their fellow users. Additionally, you will:

  • View posts and like them to earn stars.
  • Spend the stars to get likes from Instagram users.
  • Purchase star packs thanks to in-app purchases.
  • Watch videos from other Instagram users for stars.
  • Get bug fixes while enjoying improvements on the user interface.

Get Likes for Instagram

Get Likes is one of the easy to use apps when it comes to exposing your Instagram photos. Users simply like photos from their fellow Instagram users to get likes and earn coins. The coins earned can be spent on getting other likes on desired posts. Get Likes allows for;

  • An ad-free app, hence increasing its reliability when it comes to delivering likes ordered.
  • Safety, as likes on a post, are genuine and 100% real.
  • Promotion of your photos thanks to the use of coins earned.

5000 Likes Pro

5000 Likes Pro will generate all likes from real Instagram users with your consent. It will also keep your Instagram account safe in the end. It will also;

  • Like your friends’ pictures to earn coins.
  • Spend earned coins by awarding friends to like your post.

1000 Instagram likes Free

1000 Instagram likes Free is a free, simple and fast app to receive sound likes for your posts from real people. It allows you to;

  • Like other people’s videos and post to collect coins.
  • Use the coins to generate likes from real Instagram users.
  • Earn and collect daily rewards on a regular basis.
  • Enjoy a supporting pull-to-refresh and optimized user experience.

Turbo Like Pro for Instagram

Turbo Like Pro for Instagram will enable you to get more likes from real Instagram users while discovering and liking their post. Apart from this, Turbo Like Pro allows users to:

  • View real-time status reports for your post for new likes.
  • Get double coins per like while users get to collect coins per every 10 minutes.
  • Have a higher priority for support over the Turbo Like free version users.

Like Boost

Like Boost allows Instagram users to get more likes for posts while gaining more followers in the end. Like Boost will also;

  • Buy likes and followers for your posts.
  • Generate more true followers and likes.
  • Give you more coins per like.

All of these applications have one thing in common, within each of them you have the ability to make an In App Purchase. If you’re lazy like me you don’t want to earn the coins it takes to get the Likes and Followers. Sometimes it’s easier to cut to the front of the line and buy your results. If you have the money you can purchase Instagram Likes from reputable sites instead of downloading and installing an app.

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History of Instagram: What You Need to Know

Photo sharing websites and apps are on the new side of social media innovations. From simple image sharing websites, they have transformed into a platform to connect millions of users and provide ways of interaction. For individuals, Instagram likes tell them how popular they are. For businesses, it tells them just how much their customers love them. If you can improve your brand image and customer loyalty, you will be able to get a lot more ROI than before.

Today, we take a look at one of the most famous photo sharing channels called Instagram.

History of Instagram

History of InstagramIt was on 16th July 2010 when the first-ever Instagram picture was uploaded. Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram, posted a picture with a tilted frame. From here onwards, the era of Instagram began!

On the same day, Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, uploaded a puppy picture on Instagram in the category named “Puppy Pics.” Today, this is one of the most followed categories on Instagram.

On 6th October 2010, Instagram was officially released for iPhone by its founders, Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom.

Let’s have a look the development of Instagram in the past 6 years along with some spectacular statistics.

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing, video sharing social networking website in the world. Instagram is an amalgam of two words- Instant Camera and Telegram, with the benefits of both.

According to the ebizMBA, Instagram is the 8th most popular social networking site with 100 million unique monthly visitors from all over the world.

It was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012. Interestingly, in 2013, Instagram grew by 13% while Facebook had a sluggish growth of 3%. However, in both the cases, it was a win-win situation for Mark Zuckerberg.

Development of Instagram

You can post your pictures and videos on Instagram, and you can also share your Instagram posts on other social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr. Therefore, it has a broad reach on the social media platform.

When Instagram started, you could have posted pictures in a square frame. In 2011, hashtags prodigy began with the creation of Hashtag Weekend Project.

In 2012, three major events took place-

  • First, Instagram launched its app for Android operating system
  • Secondly, Facebook acquired Instagram
  • Thirdly, Instagram launched its services in more than 25 languages.

Videos were introduced in Instagram from 2013 onwards. Initially, videos were uploaded in 640*640P resolution and 15-second duration. From 2015, a user could upload a picture in any aspect ratio and a video in 1080P resolution. IG decided to display the viewcounter as a measurement to the success of the content. A view is generated after the video has been watched for longer than 3 seconds. This has lead to the purchase of Instagram Views as a way to gain popularity and exposure.

From 2016, duration of the video was also extended up to 60 seconds. Along with this, various advanced filters are introduced from time to time for enhancing the picture definition.

In 2016, Instagram launched Instagram Stories feature that allows a user to upload a picture or a video that automatically disappears after 24 hours.

Instagram is an excellent platform for marketers, social media lovers, hobby enthusiasts, socialites, and a common person as well! There have been various researches on the feasibility of Instagram for business development and the results are quite astonishing. At the end of the day a Marketers success on Instagram is based on the number of Followers you get.

For the socialites and social media lovers, Instagram is a platform for showcasing their lifestyle. For hobby enthusiasts like photographers, fitness freaks, food bloggers, and traveling wanderers; this is one of the best places for connecting with fellow minded folks. For a common person, it is just a beautiful way of sharing moments of happiness with the loved ones.

Users Stats

What is InstagramWhen Facebook acquired Instagram, there were 30 million active users on Instagram.

As of 2016, there are more than 500 million active users on it.

These 500 million users have contributed to the whopping 40 billion photos being shared till now. Every day, 95 million photos and videos get shared on Instagram. Every day, Instagram users hit the “like” tab on 4.2 billion posts.

In the USA, 31% women and 24% men use Instagram on their phones. Interestingly, 80% Instagram users are from around the world and not from the USA.

Marketing and Business Stats

48.8% US brands adopted Instagram for advertisement purposes in 2016. This number is expected to rise to 70.7% in 2017.

According to research, top brands post 4.9 times a week in 2016.

Are they successful?

Well, they have at least 1 million followers. Instagram is beneficial for marketing and branding as 75% users take action after viewing an advertisement. Engagement of users is 10 times more than that on Facebook. That’s why 60% brands use a filter to enhance the picture quality that emotionally attracts users.

Revenue Stats

Instagram is estimated to accumulate $1.53 billion in 2016. It is a 144% increase from the previous year and 8% of the Facebook revenue from mobile ads.

In 2017, Instagram is expected to collect $2.81 billion, and this will be 10% of the Facebook revenue.

Instagram truly captures the moments of life and provides a platform for magnifying your art, happiness, desire, and your creativity. As per the trend analysis, Instagram will surely surpass all the social networking websites in the future.


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Infographic: The History of Instagram Likes from 2010 to 2016

Instagram is one of the most popular Social Networks, second only to Facebook with over 500+ Million registered users and 300mm Active Daily Users. 80% of the users are outside of the U.S., generating over 4.5 Billion Instagram Likes everyday. Keep in mind there are over 95,000,000 Videos and Photos being posted daily.

The timeline of Instagram started in 2010 and has exponentially grown from 1 million authentic users to hundreds of millions organic users.

A brief outline of this Top 10 app is displayed below in the image.

The Complete History of Instagram from Liking Photos to Millions of Followers

The History of Instagram Likes


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The post Infographic: The History of Instagram Likes from 2010 to 2016 appeared first on SocialProof.